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Having spent 30 years in the automotive business, wholesaling and retailing vehicles, I was focused on maximizing the return on my investment just like everyone else in the business. The one industry problem that can be difficult to solve and cause diminished value is stubborn odor issues. It seemed like everything on the market was either a temporary solution or would simply mask odor issues that would quickly return.

I decided to test everything on the market to see if I could permanently eliminate any odor, every time. After a year and a half of research and development, we found a scientific solution with the perfect proprietary formula. Our goal is to help the auto industry recapture the diminished value on these odor issue vehicles.

In today’s market of ever decreasing margins, we want to help you maximize your profits. By offering the strongest, most potent product on the market, and backing it up with an industry first “Buy the Car Back Guarantee,” we are confident we accomplished what we set out to do.

Steve Falcone,
Founder and President
[email protected]

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