Science Behind PuroClenz

PuroClenz Removes Odors at the Source

Why hide a problem when you can solve it?

Hundreds of products market themselves as odor maskers, but very few aim to destroy the issues that cause sickening smells in the first place.

Our powerful, non-toxic and easy to use products remove odors at the source.


Powerful – Effective – Non-Toxic – Easy to use

  • Non-Toxic – Eco-Friendly and 100% biodegradable. It leaves no harmful residue, no Vocs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and no carcinogens
  • Easy to Use – Portable and perfect for targeted treatments with no extra machinery needed
  • Powerful – Formula removes odors right at the source, powerfully expelling smells from the area.
  • Effective – We stand by our products proven effectiveness. PuroClenz is very effective in removing odors from pets, food spills, smoking…the list goes on!

Lingering odors don’t stand a chance.

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