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PuroClenz has helped companies in a variety of industries deal with odor and sanitization problems in their line of work. Many business owners understand that PuroClenz is an effective and efficient answer to customer air quality concerns, and have added our products to their everyday tool kits.

PuroClenz offers the ultimate odor removal and sanitation solution for business owners that manage:

  • Living Spaces

    Property managers, HVAC companies, realtors

  • Transportation

    Auto dealers, vehicle detailers, public transit & ride share services

  • Cleaning Services

    Commercial and residential cleaners, flood or fire mitigation companies, carpet cleaners

1. Transportation

One of the largest challenges facing transportation companies today is keeping the interiors of their vehicles smelling clean for their customers. Nothing can lead to an uncomfortable customer experience like a foul odor in taxis, buses, trains, or any other transportation service. Although people pick up odors long before using these services, these unpleasant odors can and will accumulate in any vehicle.

Here’s how PuroClenz Auto Odor Eliminator can help…

PuroClenz Auto Odor Eliminator addresses the root causes of bad smells, leaving rideshare vehicles, taxis and buses smelling fresh and clean.

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2. Restaurants & Bars

Everyone understands how much a clean and pleasant space can impact customers. This is most true for restaurants and bars…simply put, people won’t eat or drink at a place with an unpleasant smell. Although the fresh smell of professionally prepared food may be appealing to customers, these aromas amass inside of restaurants and can actually be very off-putting as time goes on.

Here’s how PuroClenz can help…

PuroClenz ULTRA treats large spaces, such as bars, dining areas, or kitchens, while PuroClenz Room Treatments are perfect for small rooms and bathrooms. For disinfecting surfaces, such as counters, bar tops, food prep areas, and especially menus (the most contaminated item in restaurants), PuroClenz MINI can activated with tap water in a typical 28-32 oz plastic spray bottle.

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Restaurant and Bar
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3. Hotel Rooms

It is no secret that the largest concern of hotel guests is the cleanliness of their rooms. Guests often worry about how many people have been in a given room before them, tracking in smoke, body odor, alcohol, pet odors, mildew, and a countless number of other smells. While the housekeeping employees do their best to clean every square inch of the room, many of these odors seep into the carpets, walls, and vents, making them very difficult to remove. Most products on the market simply will mask these odors.

Here’s how PuroClenz ULTRA Odor Eliminator can help…

PuroClenz ULTRA is the most powerful and effective product on the market for eliminating odors in Hotel Rooms. Treat small rooms or large suites with a powerful and effective odor solution that will leave your hotel sparkling!

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4. Rental Cars

Rental cars encounter hundreds, sometimes thousands, of different drivers throughout their rental lifespan. A track record like that leads to a vast accumulation of smells, most of which are unpleasant. Who wants to rent a car that reeks of cigarette smoke, rotten food, body odor, or vomit? Despite the fact that rental companies will clean these cars in between drivers, a quick clean does little to actually remove these smells and will only temporarily mask them.

Here’s how PuroClenz Auto Odor Eliminator can help…

PuroClenz destroys odors in rental cars by addressing the root cause of bad odors. Masking products will only temporarily hide the odor, PuroClenz tackles the source, leaving each car fresh and ready for the next customer.

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PuroClenz - odor eliminator for cars

5. Auto Dealers

Dealers have an arsenal of tools to detail the interior of the vehicles that they intend to sell. Industrial vacuums, ozone machines, “old-school” bombs, a multitude of cleaning sprays, and waxes can all leave the car looking brand new. However, all of these are insufficient when it comes to extreme odor issues. At best, they can only mask odors such as vomit, pet urine, gasoline, and cigarette smoke. Eventually when the masking agent wears off, the customer will not only despise their vehicle, but may also have a negative view towards the dealer. On the bright side, this can be an opportunity for a competitive advantage.

Here’s how PuroClenz Auto Odor Eliminator can help…

PuroClenz Auto Odor Eliminator seeks out and destroys stubborn odors, disinfecting the vehicle and leaving your cars clean and odor free. PuroClenz can literally “remove the previous owner” from used vehicles. For our Car Dealer Partners, we provide the guarantee that if PuroClenz cannot eliminate the odor issue in a vehicle, we will buy back the car – this product really works!

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6. RVs

Humans encounter two of the most bacteria-infested, odor-infused environments on a daily basis: their homes and their cars. RV’s are a combination of both, so they are the perfect storm for foul smells. RV’s collect odors from cooking, cigarette smoke, garbage, and even fecal matter, and then will sit in the driveway for months until the next road trip, all the while allowing these odor-causing microbes to permeate every surface of the RV.

Here’s how PuroClenz ULTRA Odor Eliminator can help…

PuroClenz ULTRA is the most powerful and effective product on the market for eliminating odors in RVs and Mobile Homes. We can help you start every new vacation season out fresh with a one-time, easy treatment that removes all odors from the RV.

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7. Common Car Odors

Many car owners at one point or another will explore different products in order to achieve that fresh smell they experienced when they first bought a new vehicle. However, this pleasant “new car smell” will be a distant memory the moment you eat in the vehicle or bring your pet for a ride. If you bought a used car, it is highly likely that it was thoroughly detailed, but little was done to actually eliminate odors caused by the previous owner. For example, if you don’t smoke, a car that reeks of cigarette smoke will be unbearable once the masking agent wears off.

Here’s how PuroClenz Auto Odor Eliminator can help…

There are many masking products on the market that will only temporarily hide the odor. A few weeks later and that lingering smell that was in your car strikes again. PuroClenz doesn’t mask smells, it addresses the source of the smell and disinfects the vehicle. You won’t be disappointed!

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8. Apartments

When moving into an apartment, new tenants think that they are moving into their own personal space. However, they fail to realize that they often are sharing their new living quarters with the dozens of tenants who preceded them. Don’t like the smell of smoke? Too bad…your “roommate” loved to smoke inside before you showed up. This effect is made even worse when it comes to allergens. Someone who is allergic to cats may not realize until settling in that the previous owner had multiple cats and the ventilation is riddled with their dander.

Here’s how PuroClenz ULTRA Odor Eliminator can help…

PuroClenz ULTRA is a powerful and effective product that will help you prepare the apartment properly for the next tenant. It addresses the source of bad smells removing odors from smoking, pets, spills and more. PuroClenz effectively removes sources of odors throughout the house and in the ventilation system. Don’t just mask the odor, eliminate it!

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9. Homes

Have you ever walked into a friend’s house and noticed that it has a unique smell? That smell is actually an accumulation of a plethora of different odors: pets, body odor, cooking, trash, and pests. Even in your own home, you’ve grown so acquainted with the smell of your house that you don’t notice its unique odor…but your friends and family do. This aroma can be quite embarrassing once they know what causes the smell that occupies the entire house.

Here’s how PuroClenz ULTRA Odor Eliminator can help…

PuroClenz effectively removes sources of odors throughout the house and in the ventilation system, leaving you with a truly clean and odor free environment. A simple treatment will expel bad smells and give your home a uniquely clean scent.

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10. Cooking Odors in Apartments

It is no secret that old odors from previous tenants can cause some serious problems not only for the new tenants, but also the landlord trying to market an opening. Burnt food, or cooking with curry, garlic, or any other strong seasonings can stay locked in the carpets and walls with no sign of ever leaving. These odors can resist even the deepest of cleanings as it permeates every surface, making living there insufferable for the tenant, and unsellable for the apartment manager.

Here’s how PuroClenz ULTRA Odor Eliminator can help…

Eliminate cooking smells with a PuroClenz ULTRA treatment. PuroClenz deep cleans kitchen laminate floors, carpets and walls disinfecting surfaces and leaving the kitchen clean and sanitary.

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