How it Works

PuroClenz products are stronger than chlorine, safer than ozone and tough on all of the tiny organisms that are fouling up your vehicle, home or gym. Our “Green Chemistry” deodorizing system is easy to use and impossible to duplicate.

Get rid of lingering odors for good in a few easy steps

No aerosols. No ozone machines. Yes to clean, safe tablet.
  • Prepare the Treatment

    After removing personal belongings from the space, fill our PuroClenz cup with room temperature water. Place the cup in a central space and close all doors and windows in the car or room.

  • Start Treatment and Circulate

    The principle is the same, whether you’re sanitizing a car, room, or dwelling. Simply drop the PuroClenz tablet into the cup and leave. The tablet will gas off and circulate through the room with the help of the air vents or air conditioning system.

  • Air It Out and Breathe It In

    In about two hours, you’re done! Open all doors and windows, and after about half an hour you’ll be able to enjoy the newly clean air of your space.