Living Spaces

Maybe you’ve been in your home for twenty years, or maybe you’re just moving in. Either way, odors, mildew, mold and bacteria buildup can make your life miserable. Curtains, bedspreads, carpets, and air ducts can all harbor microscopic toxins that lead to hard-to-fix odor problems. Improve and maintain the air quality in any dwelling with PuroClenz.


Dogs and roommates are great, but living in close quarters can lead to some odorous situations.

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Make sure that when your guests check out, the troublesome odors they leave behind do too.

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Student Housing

Anyone trying to sanitize a space where teens live needs to do their homework on deodorizers.

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Senior Living

The longer you live, the more you know–and the less time you want to waste living with unpleasant smells.

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Air BnB

Get verified as a Superhost and provide guests with a 5-star scent experience.

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Single Family Homes

Whether it’s in the basement, the laundry room or the bathtub, bacteria and viruses have plenty of places to hide at home.

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