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Whether we’re on our way to the office, heading out on the town, or relaxing on the water, we spend a lot of our time in vehicles. Don’t resign yourself to lousy air quality or nauseating odors—attack the problem at the source with PuroClenz Odor Removal Treatments.

Aerosol cleaners, ionizers and ozone generators just don’t get the job done. They can’t compete with the simplicity of our odor removal process.

Fill cup

Fill It

Pour room temperature water up to the marker in the PuroClenz cup.

Tablet in water

Drop It

Plop the PuroClenz tablet into the cup and place it on a flat surface, like the center console.

Let tablet dissolve

Circulate It

Turn the air conditioning on, close all doors and windows, and let the PuroClenz vapor circulate around the space.


Enjoy It

Walk away for a few hours, then come back and air out the car. All pungent smells will have disappeared, and the air inside should be fresh and crisp!

Ride sharing

Don’t waste time scrubbing and spraying seats and armrests when you can sanitize your vehicle in a few short hours.

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RV and Mobile Homes

Mobile homes in storage can build up a stale, musty odor— we tell that smell to hit the road, Jack.

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Boats and Marinas

Odor-causing bacteria can flourish in boats thanks to off-season disuse, but we’ll help you get shipshape in no time.

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Car Rental

Spend less time cleaning interiors and more time reading glowing customer feedback after treating the cars in your fleet.

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Buses, trains and subway cars shuttle us around town all day, but millions of harmful bacteria are also along for the ride.

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Your passengers are paying for refreshing style, whether they’re going to the Bellagio or to their high school prom.

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