Puroclenz Buyers Guide

Want to know what size treatment you need for the job? Whether it’s residential, automotive, small, large, or the most extreme smell or odor, we have the right size for you.

*Can either be used as a spray or a “gas-off” treatment*

Automobiles: The spray version of PuroClenz Mini can be used to eliminate odors directly at the source such as spills, dropped food, pet urine, vomit, etc. This works best when combined with a Standard Gas-Off application, effectively “Pre-treating” the vehicle. The gas-off version of the Mini is primarily used to freshen up stale interiors, or very mild odor issues.

PDF Download – Automobile Mini Application Steps

Living/Work Spaces: The spray version is very effective at disinfecting surfaces in homes, offices, gyms, etc. Feel free to use the Mini spray on countertops, floors, tables, and any other surface you can think of. The gas-off treatment is great at sprucing up powder rooms, pantries, and other small rooms.

PDF Download – Residential Mini Application Steps


Automobiles: The PuroClenz Standard Treatment is optimal for treating most odors that affect vehicles. Smoke, body odor, mold, mildew, and other odors that totally engulf the interior of our cars can be eliminated with this treatment size. Best practice calls for spraying the upholstery and wiping down the hard surfaces with our Mini Spray before gassing off the Standard. This is the most commonly purchased treatment size for use in vehicles.

PDF Download – Application Steps – Auto Standard

Living/Work Spaces: The Standard Treatment works best when used in medium sized rooms, such as bedrooms, offices, dorms, and bathrooms. This treatment is more powerful than the Mini, so it can be used to eliminate pet odor, cooking smells, and to sanitize bathrooms.

PDF Download – Application Steps – Residential Standard


Automobiles: If you were to rate the potency of an odor on a scale from 1 to 10, any odors in the 7-10 range will require the Ultra Treatment. This functions the same way as the gas-off version of the Standard application, except it is 5 times stronger, and should NOT be combined with the Mini Pretreatment spray.

PDF Download – Application Steps – Auto Ultra

Living/Work Spaces: PuroClenz Ultra works best in larger areas such as living rooms, kitchens, master bedrooms/bathrooms, and basements. This is the most commonly purchased treatment for customers looking to eliminate odors in their homes, apartments, and offices. We recommend 1 Ultra Treatment for every 500 square feet.

PDF Download – Application Steps – Residential Ultra

Puroclenz Ultra 100g

Automobiles: The PuroClenz Stabilized Carpet solution is ideal to eradicate odors that may be hiding in, or underneath the carpets in vehicles. Food odors, flood damage, and smoke penetrate the fabric and will be held there until properly removed from the vehicle. Instead of tearing up and replacing the carpets in your car, use the Carpet Solution to save yourself the time and money!

Living/Work Space: Our living/work spaces are subjected to food/beverage spills, pet urine, and other odors we don’t even realize we are tracking in. The Carpet Solution can be used on any surface in your home, apartment, or office and will not leave stains or discolor fabric. This product is developed to saturate the affected area for just one hour, then extracted out to totally eliminate the offensive odor.

PDF Download – Carpet Solution Instructions (Both Auto and Residential)

Puroclenz Carpet Treatment


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