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After years in the industry, we have seen every type of odor issue that car dealers, retailers, property managers, and even our neighbors deal with. We have removed and eliminated virtually any odor that you can imagine. Some accumulate over time. But many others involve unbearable odors or other microbial content that can drastically affect our daily lives. Whether it’s accidents such as spills, or allergens like pollen accumulating in our ventilation, our mission is to create a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

Many of you have already read our Buyer’s Guide, but here is a more extensive guide on how to attack odor problems that may lead to health problems down the line, or may make that vehicle/home impossible to sell…

When dealing with any odor problem it is imperative to identify (to the best of your ability) the odor source. We have multiple products, but identifying the origin or severity of the smell determines which product is best for you. Let me explain…

We have four different PuroClenz treatments to handle any odor issue. Each of these has a Vehicle and Home variation:

1.    PuroClenz Standard

2.    PuroClenz Mini

3.    PuroClenz Ultra

4.    PuroClenz Carpet Solution

Standard Odor Treatment – for most smells, Auto or Home

If your Auto or a Room in your home has a foul odor, our PuroClenz Standard (20 grams) treatment is usually the “go-to” product. This is a gas off treatment that we developed to handle all of the most common odor issues. Smoke, cooking, pets, and whatever we track back into our homes from outside are ALL sources of odor that accumulate over time. Because this happens gradually, you may not notice it, but other people who aren’t used to it definitely will. This is what we call “nose-blindness”.

Mini Odor Treatment – for Pre-Treatment or “Freshening”

The PuroClenz Mini (4 grams) application is great for mild odor issues in vehicles or small rooms or spaces. These minis can be used in two ways:

1) as a gas off treatment
2) as a pretreatment spray before using PuroClenz Standard 

The gas-off treatment is ideal for freshening up a car or room that has mild odor issues. We see a lot of this version used right after cooking something that might stink up your home, like seafood. The liquid version is great when you can identify the exact source of the odor. Then you can just spray the treatment directly on the affected area. This will eliminate bacteria and viral content that are common sources of odor.

One mini tab in a spray bottle full of water and you’ll be ready to go in 2 minutes. And Any leftover liquid spray will stay active for up to one month if you keep it in a cool dark place. Many customers keep it under their sink for daily use. These Minis come in packs of 4 so you will have plenty for cleaning surfaces in your car or home.

Ulta – For the Worst Odor Situations

For extreme odor problems we recommend that you use our PuroClenz Ultra (100 grams). This is the strongest product available on the market and is a gas off treatment that will eliminate any odor and sanitize any space. This also is very effective at killing odors, bacteria, and allergens that hide in the ventilation, and may be affecting your health without you even realizing it.

Upholstery and Carpet Smells

If the source of your odor is in your carpet or upholstery then our PuroClenz Carpet Solution is your best option. Many people will clean up a spill or pet “accident” and think that they removed all of it from their carpet.

But, what you can’t physically see is how much microscopic content will remain in the carpet and how quickly they work their way into the padding underneath. This product is designed to be mixed with 2 gallons of water in a pump sprayer and to saturate the carpet/upholstery so it can seep into the padding underneath. Let it sit for 45 minutes to an hour then extract it.

Each product comes with easy to follow instructions and our customer service reps are always available to answer any questions or provide advice. We will even walk you through the treatment process if you want tips on our best practices.

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