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How to remove cat smell

Many of us grew up knowing a “Cat Person”. You know, that one person in the neighbourhood who hoarded these pets in their house. Sometimes, these people housed cats in quantities of 10 and 20 (at most). The smell of cat urine hit you like a wall when you even just strolled by their front door. Well, maybe you’ve experienced this in a house with even 3 or 4 cats. It can be nasty.

Just recently, we got a call from somebody who was having trouble flipping a gorgeous 3,000 square foot home. When we asked what the problem was, he informed us that the previous owner had 63 cats living in her house!

“This person had a lot of cats. No problem,” we thought, as we eliminate cat odors in cars/homes routinely. We assumed 63 cats were just an exaggeration. Upon arrival, there was not a doubt that when our customer said 63 cats. He meant 63 cats. It was like a zoo. The odor of cat urine was so potent, I almost wanted to wear a respirator just for the walk-through.

The current homeowner was a handyman and did everything right trying to get rid of the smell. Cats can spray urine up to 4 feet high on walls. So, he removed the drywall up to that height around all 3,000 square feet. Then he sealed the studs behind them. But thehe smell was stubborn enough to stick around. He had tried multiple products claiming to eliminate odors, and none of them worked. He was skeptical that our product was any different, and rightfully so.

We have never encountered an odor too daunting for PuroClenz, but this was close. After thoroughly treating the house over the course of three days, the smell of cat urine was gone and the homeowner could finally resume getting the house ready for market.

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This was definitely a job for Puroclenz Ultra.

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