Puroclenz removes Cats and Smoke odor, but what about Rotten Fish smell?

Rotten Fish Smell

A good friend of mine is an avid fisherman. And like any decent angler out there, is always on the lookout for the next good spot to land fish. He keeps his waders and rods in the trunk of his Subaru Outback in case he unexpectedly passes a  promising spot. He is no stranger to that “outdoors” smell that can accumulate after a couple of days out on the water. However, after months of scoping out new spots and storing dirty fishing gear, the smell settled deep into the upholstery and ventilation of the car.

Knowing that we specialize in eliminating any type of odor, he reached out to me. He wanted to know how to get rid of the fish and shellfish smell in his car. He’d thoroughly cleaned his entire vehicle and removed all of his fishing gear. Unfortunately though, odors like this are stubborn and only get worse over time. My friend was very busy between work and his fishing hobby, we said we’d touch base when he could set aside some time for me to walk him through the treatment.

One day he called me and said that he and his cousin went fishing for striped bass had a smelly mess. They spilled the clams they were using as bait all over the trunk of his car. The smell was so bad he wasn’t comfortable having passengers in the car. Even his girlfriend refused to drive it.

I immediately sent him a PuroClenz Standard Treatment (20 grams) and a pack of our Carpet Solution. I instructed him to mix up the Carpet Solution and spray the affected area until it was thoroughly soaked. This ensures it gets deep into the padding beneath the carpet. He had plenty of solution left, so he was able to spray the rest of the upholstery in the vehicle as well. Once that dried he used the Standard Treatment to fog the car and eliminate whatever was left in the ventilation and hard to reach areas. He let the product release vapor in his car for just one hour and was able to remove the treatment because the smell was completely gone!

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This product used for this job for the standard 20g Automotive Odor Removal Treatment