Smoking Stinks In Cars

Smoking Stinks In Cars

If you smoke, or if a loved one does, then you know firsthand the smell it can leave behind in a car, truck or SUV.

Likewise, if you’re a car wholesaler or dealer, you know that a strong cigarette odor makes any car much harder to sell. No one wants to buy a car that reeks of the last owner’s tobacco habit.

Smoke from cigarettes or cigars gets into the fabric of car seats, and into the heating and AC system, until it becomes a pervasive smell that dominates the car.


Traditionally, wholesalers and dealers have spent a lot of time using aerosol cleaners, ionizers and ozone generators in ill-fated attempts to remove this smoke odor from cars.

These methods are expensive, and to be honest, they don’t work particularly well. Many old techniques often aimed to cover up bad smells rather than eliminate them.

So what can you do about getting rid of the smell of smoke in cars?

Simply wiping down the car won’t do much. You need to go deeper to get to the microscopic particles that are making the car smell bad.

To do that, you need a solution that actually works — a solution like PuroClenz.

PuroClenz was created to get rid of bad smells in cars, apartments, gyms and more. It is based on the principle of Green Science and was built to tackle the root causes of bad smells instead of masking them like perfume.

You simply fill a cup halfway with water, drop in the PuroClenz tablet, turn on the AC to circulate the air, and walk away. That’s it, no muss and no fuss.

After a couple of hours you will return to a car that smells clean and fresh. It’s like you removed the previous owner – and their leftover smells – entirely.