Why Bob Hollenshead Loves A Nice Smelling Car

Why Bob Hollenshead Loves A Nice Smelling Car

Bob Hollenshead is a legendary name in the car sales business.

Over the last forty years, he’s bought and sold more than 1.5 million cars, trucks and SUVs. And a lot smelled like smoke.

The guy knows cars. And he knows what stops them from selling – particularly things like bad smells.

“If a car smells, you can’t sell it,” says Hollenshead. It doesn’t matter if it is a highly desired model being offered at a great price – no one wants to sit in a car that reeks of cigarette smoke, dogs, mold or other bad smells.

It’s a problem every car wholesaler and dealer runs into. And before PuroClenz, it was a problem that didn’t have a real solution. Other products simply covered up the problem like a strong perfume. They didn’t get to the root cause, and they certainly didn’t make the bad smell go away.


PuroClenz is different. It works by destroying mold spores, mildew, bacteria, allergens and viruses that cause bad odors. PuroClenz products are stronger than chlorine, safer than ozone and tough on all of the tiny organisms that are fouling up a vehicle.

And PuroClenz is easy to use. Just drop the cleaning tablet in half a cup of water, turn on the air conditioner and walk away for about two hours. When you come back, the vehicle will smell fresh and crisp.

Car wholesalers and dealers have spent years experimenting with aerosol cleaners, ionizers and ozone generators that don’t get the job done. They don’t work, and even if they did they could not compete with the simplicity of PuroClenz.

So if you sell cars, stop losing money and wasting time on odor removal techniques that don’t work. PuroClenz’s effectiveness at eliminating bad smells in cars drew the interest of Bob Hollenshead, and now he’s put his money where his mouth is and become a part owner of PuroClenz.

“I’m not just endorsing the product, I am guaranteeing it,” says Hollenshead. “If it doesn’t work, I’ll buy the car.”

He’s serious. If PuroClenz doesn’t remove the bad odors in your vehicle, Bob Hollenshead will buy it.

That’s a guarantee you can count on.