15 Life Hacks for Your Car

The internet is full of life hacks for your home, but what about your car? If you have a commute or an active family, car hacks are just as important to a smooth-running life. Here at PuroClenz, we want to make your life as easy as possible, so we’ve compiled a list of car hacks. Check them out:

Safety Check Reminder: Safety checks are quick and essential, but often overlooked. Set a reminder on the calendar to check the tires, fluids, and wiper blades periodically, and especially before any long trips or storms. An easy way to check the tire tread is to place a penny in the tread (Lincoln head down). The tire tread should touch or cover the top of Lincoln’s head, or else it’s time to replace those tires.

Keep Your Car Fueled: Don’t risk getting stranded by running out of gas because you were driving on fumes. Make a point to fill up whenever you’re at a quarter tank. If you drive a steady number of miles each week, you may find it’s easy to schedule, such as every Saturday.

Cold Temps Can Be Your Friend or Your Enemy: Don’t forget that temperature affects fuel also. Gasoline is denser when the temperature drops, which has two impacts. First, if you’re driving on fumes and park in cold weather, you might find the gasoline condensed and you can’t restart the car. Also, if you use the colder times in the morning or evening to fuel up, you’re actually getting more for your money.

Protect Your Cup Holders: Cup holders seem to be magnets for dirt, food crumbs, and beverage drips, and they’re a pain to clean. Using a silicone cupcake liner makes it easy to remove and clean as needed.

Easily Remove Any Odor: One of the easiest, but most important, car hacks is to use a good odor remover. Food spills, smoke, mildew, gym clothes, pets … it all adds up to a smelly car. Our PuroClenz odor remover is an odor-neutralizing system that eliminates 100% of odors. While it’s designed for use in cars, this odor remover is great for anywhere you want to remove problem odors.

Buy a Carabiner: Tired of your purse, grocery bag, or kids’ travel bag falling over and spilling? Attach it to the headrest posts with a carabiner and those days are over.

Better Organize Groceries: Keep an empty laundry basket in the car for groceries. This keeps the bags from spilling over and saves trips when unloading.

Coupon Organizer for Important Documents: Organize your important papers, such as registration, proof of insurance, and emergency information, in an inexpensive coupon organizer. Everything will be neat and easy to find when you need it.

Kitty Litter Hack #1: In the winter, you can easily eliminate condensation on the inside windshield. Fill an old sock with crystal cat litter, tie the top shut, and store at the base of your windshield. It’ll absorb excess moisture and keep your window from fogging inside.

Kitty Litter Hack #2: Another great kitty litter use is to keep a bucket in your trunk. If you get stuck in snow or ice, you can sprinkle it around the tires to increase traction.

Kitty Litter Hack #3: Forgot to pack the kitty litter and got stuck in the mud and snow? You can use your car floor mats for traction.

Foggy Headlight Trick: More surprising uses for household items? Toothpaste is great for cleaning haze off your headlights. Use an old toothbrush or soft rag to apply, and then easily rinse it off.

Parking Lot Reminder: Trouble remembering where you parked? Take a picture on your phone. This is especially helpful in large parking lots or at the airport for longer trips.

Organize Kid Essentials: Hang a small hanging shoe organizer with pockets over the backseat to organize kids’ snacks, drink cups, and toys. This keeps everything from rolling under the seat, and makes it easy to grab.

Emergency Car Snacks: Keep emergency snacks and a bottle of water in the car. This is a good idea in winter, but that’s not the only time it might help. It’s also good for an unexpected traffic jam, cranky kids, or those times you had to work through lunch and dinner is too far away. Just don’t forget to restock!

Do you have any favorite car hacks not listed here? Email us to let us know about them and they could get featured in our next blog post. Thanks for reading!

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