Airbnb Cleaning Fee – How Much Should You Charge?

Airbnb Cleaning Fee – How Much Should You Charge?

Individuals considering becoming Airbnb hosts probably think of the glamorous side of the industry, such as the money they will make and the beautiful spaces they can create for their guests. However, one of the least glamorous sides may actually be the most important. A clean space will feel welcoming and safe to guests and will lead to positive reviews as well as repeat bookings. Cleaning fees are designed to help hosts cover these important costs, but many individuals have no idea where to start when it comes to setting these fees.

Are Airbnb Cleaning Fees Necessary?

For most hosts, cleaning fees are necessary to cover the added expenses of cleaning the linens and the entire house or room after a guest stay. This fee is charged on top of the base rate, and potential guests will see it before booking. Because this fee can seem off-putting to some guests, hosts may sometimes choose to build the fee into their initial listings. Therefore, while the base rate may seem to be a bit higher than comparable spaces nearby, guests do not feel the added worry of additional fees. No matter how the fee is set up or integrated, hosts must always consider the costs of cleaning when setting prices.

What Does the Cleaning Fee Cover?

The cleaning fee should cover all of the costs of cleaning, sanitizing and airing out the room as well as washing and changing linens, washing dishes, cleaning out the refrigerator and restocking supplies to prepare for the next guest. It should also include the time necessary to complete these tasks.

Some of the common tasks completed include dusting, vacuuming, taking out trash, disinfecting bathrooms, changing bedding and deodorizing the rooms. PuroClenz Ultra is one simple way to get rid of odors quickly. This product uses simple and safe systems to get rid of viral, bacterial and fungal spores that cause bad odors. All the host has to do after cleaning the room is seal the doors and windows, drop the PuroClenz tablet in a cup of water and let the gases from the tablet circulate throughout the room for a couple of hours. By including the price of PuroClenz in the cleaning fee, good hosts can turn into Superhosts and impress their guests with fresh-smelling spaces.

What Else Affects the Fee?

Besides the tasks that must be completed when cleaning the space, hosts should also factor several other variables into their fees. For example, the area of town, size of the space, target audience and average length of stay will all affect the price. In addition, hosts who do most or all of the cleaning on their own can consider lowering their costs significantly. This can then attract more guests who are looking for more affordable fees. Hosts should also consider the price differences for long-term guests who may need periodic cleanings throughout their stays.

How Can Hosts Pick the Right Cleaning Fee?

While Airbnb cleaning fees are dramatically different at a myriad of properties, hosts can start by considering average fees, which range from $60 to $150. The lower end of the scale is usually reserved for hosts who clean their listings themselves. Higher fees are for high-end properties with professional cleaning services. Hosts should estimate the cost of their time and the products they use to create an initial fee. Of course, they can periodically change their fees to see how this affects bookings.

Not only can an Airbnb cleaning fee help hosts cover a myriad of costs incurred at the end of each guest stay, but also it can encourage guests to book longer stays because the cleaning fee will stay constant. By opting to do as much of the cleaning oneself as possible and by using easy cleaning and deodorizing solutions, such as PuroClenz Ultra, hosts can keep Airbnb cleaning fees quite reasonable while becoming Superhosts who are well-loved by guests.

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