Home Projects to Stave off Quarantine Boredom

Home Projects to Stave off Quarantine Boredom

The stay-at-home orders in many states are starting to be partially relaxed. However, many people who are in high-risk groups or have family members who have serious health issues are choosing to stay home. For people who have the quarantine blues and are looking for ways to eliminate boredom, some great solutions include cleaning, entertainment and improvement projects. These are some top ideas to try.

Clean Appliances

This is a good way to get a daily regimen of exercise. Choose an appliance to work on each day. For example, work on the refrigerator on Monday and the washing machine on Tuesday. Clean the inside and outside of each appliance thoroughly. Be sure to ventilate the room before doing this. Also, follow any specific care instructions from the manufacturer. For example, use the right type of cleaning tablets for a high-efficiency washing machine. Also, unplug any electrical appliances or small appliances before cleaning them.

Take a Digital Tour

Many museums are offering digital tours now. Also, Google Earth has some great features for tours. This is a creative family staycation idea. For example, if the week’s theme is islands and beaches, find some recipes from different island areas to try. While enjoying those foods, stream documentaries or digital tours of those places.

Organize Storage

It is easy to feel stressed if everything is disorganized. Buy some totes, labels, closet organizers and any other necessary supplies to properly organize closets, storage rooms, sheds and garages. Pick one room to work on per day. When everything returns to normal, it will be convenient to have all belongings organized, and that will eliminate some stress.

Have a Virtual Family Reunion

This can also work for a virtual class reunion or a reunion with college friends. Since Zoom and other virtual meeting programs are accessible and easy to use, try to coordinate a time when everyone can get together virtually.

Detail the Car

Another way to eliminate a little stress is to thoroughly clean the car. This may also help provide some peace of mind that germs are gone. PuroClenz is an excellent solution for removing odors and sanitizing surfaces in a car. Also, PuroClenz can be used in the home. If necessary, use a special spray to remove dead bugs from the windshield. Vacuum the car thoroughly, and wipe down all interior surfaces. Clean the insides of all windows. Clean and sanitize interior door handles.

Mend Clothes

Although it is tempting to simply donate clothes that have small holes or loose buttons when life is busy, now is a good time to mend them instead. Dollar stores often have sewing kits for only $1, and they include thread, needles and small scissors. If necessary, watch a tutorial about how to mend hems or tears. Many online stores sell a variety of replacement buttons, and it is easy to sew on new buttons if necessary. Since budgets are tight now, this is a good way to save money instead of buying new clothes.

Develop a Home Workout Program

For those who have a hard time going to the gym, this is a good way to start building the confidence and determination to exercise regularly. There are plenty of free and paid exercise videos on YouTube or Instagram and through gyms. Also, there are personal trainers. If going outside to walk is not an option, consider buying an inexpensive treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike from an online merchant. Many offer free delivery, and there are setup tutorials online.

These are just a few of many ideas. There are concerts to stream, walls to paint, new hobbies to discover and much more. The key to making the most of this time is embracing each new day and looking for opportunities to enjoy life at home.

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