Common Ways to Remove Odor…Are They Effective?

Common ways to remove odors over the counter

Whether in cars or homes, we as humans encounter (and even cause) foul odors that we desperately try to get rid of on a daily basis. It is nearly impossible to prevent these smells from accumulating over a period of time, so it is no surprise that undoing the damage can take a lot of time or effort. From household remedies to high tech devices, everyone in today’s world thinks that their method of eliminating odors is most effective. But do they actually work? Are they even safe? Let’s take a look at the pro’s and con’s of some of the common ways to remove odors.

Removing Odors by Cleaning

Let’s start with the most common fix: The Simple Clean…

What is the first thing you do when you detect a foul odor in your car/home? Giving it a good clean is the usual answer. Although this is a solid place to start, keep in mind it is impossible for us to thoroughly and effectively get rid of all of the microscopic matter that causes these smells. There are places we can’t reach such as under car seats and ventilation, and what happens when we let bacteria and mold sit for extended periods of time? They multiply…and they multiply FAST. How many times do you want to clean the same car/living space?

So now you’ve “thoroughly” cleaned the whole car or home and you can still pick up a foul odor. What do you do next? Like most people, you move on to an every-day deodorizer. Think you’re done? Think again…

Masking the Odor with other Scents

If it is in a living space, maybe you light a candle or two, and you enjoy the aroma for a bit. Blow that candle out and within minutes the foul odor is back. How many candles will you burn through before you decide to fix the problem?

Regarding vehicles, I am sure you are all familiar with those generic scented trees. What is the first thought that goes through your mind when you get in a car and see one of these? Allow me to explain… I ordered an Uber some time ago, and upon opening the car door, I could already smell the overly sweet, artificial new car smell. First impression? “This car is going to be gross.” Low and behold when I sat down, there was one of those scented trees on not only the rearview mirror, but also on each of the four handles above the doors. 5 scented trees…and I could still smell the smoke odor that the driver was attempting to mask. I spent the rest of that ride with a headache from the chemical/stale cigarette smell. These only make your problems worse.

Household Air Fresheners

A step-up from these two remedies, household air fresheners seem to be the favorite. Many of these promise to eliminate odor, and while some can to a degree, most don’t, at all. The ones that can, only eliminate a small percentage of it. Like I said before, some of these things like to multiply, so the relief is very short-lived. On top of that, most of these air fresheners are FULL of what are known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These are substances that can become airborne and potentially hazardous to your health.

The average household air fresheners release over 100 of these VOC’s during each use. While claiming to eliminate odors, most of these are simply masking agents, so are you really helping your indoor air quality? NO. You are only adding to your woes in the long-run!

Ozone Machines

When none of the above options have worked, most people resort to the most technologically advanced remedy…Ozone Machines. In certain situations these can work, but the EPA continuously does research on these machines, and quite often finds that the bad outweighs the good. Ozone has a habit of reacting with other household solutions, such as carpet cleaners, and can potentially create air quality that is hazardous for us to breathe. Also, ozone is incapable of killing common, but troubling allergens, such as dust and pollen. This can be a big problem for someone trying to accommodate a family member with even moderate allergies.

To make matters even worse, the jury is still out whether these machines even work at all. Some of the studies cited by the EPA state that, at safe levels, living environments would have to be treated over the course of months, or in some cases, YEARS in order to get rid of dangerous substances in our indoor air. Think about that for a second…You would have to apply ozone at concentrations well above public health standards in order to even have a chance at killing mold and bacteria in a timely fashion!

Puroclenz: Safe Odor Removal that Works

This problem has plagued our cars and homes as long as they have existed, and because it can’t be seen with the naked eye, most people brush it to the wayside, wondering how or why they got sick or had a “phantom” reaction to something. Now you could try all the remedies listed above and still not fix your problem. OR you could use PuroClenz to easily, quickly, and effectively rid yourselves of these problems without the headaches.

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