RideShare Nightmare: Odor Edition

Rideshare odors in Uber and Lyft vehicles, Solutions for Drivers.

Odors in Rideshare Vehicles

Ever had a problem with Odors in Rideshares? With the increasing popularity of ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft, more and more people everyday sign up to become passenger or delivery drivers. Stay-at-home mothers/fathers will spend a few hours each night shuttling people around a city. College students will turn the app on and pick up a couple of rides in between classes. Many self-employed will spend a day driving around when they get ahead of their work. And now I found myself in the exact situation.

My usual day consisted of waking up and spending a few hours frantically catching up with emails and phone calls, managing our online store, and trying to come up with something to write for this blog. If I somehow breezed through these tasks, I would find myself with a couple hours to spare right around 11 am. And if you know me, you know I get bored easily. Sitting around wasn’t an option for me.

Food Odors in Rideshares?

This made UberEats the perfect opportunity for me to stay moving and make a couple extra dollars throughout the week. I’d have free time during the lunch rush and could go back to this job afterwards. But while I was excited to have a second job that was flexible; I learned very quickly what kind of toll this took on my car.

My first day on the job was at the end of the summer in 2018. I picked up a massive order of Indian food from a place in Center City, Philadelphia and had to deliver it to Drexel’s campus to a group of students in the library.
I thought. “Should be easy enough”. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Philadelphia drivers can be reckless on the road. I pulled out of the restaurant. But at the next light, had to slam on my brakes because a taxi driver decided to run a red light. Although I got my hand in front of the enormous bag of food in time, the curry chicken platter on the top flew out of the bag, slammed against my glove box, and spilled all over the floor. Great first day on the job, right?

Removing Food Odors in Rideshares

Finishing up a few deliveries took priority to cleaning up the mess, so I couldn’t get a thorough clean in until a couple hours later. Luckily, working for PuroClenz has its perks. I was able to hit the spill with a healthy supply of PuroClenz Carpet Solution, which completely eliminated the odor and any stains. However, what I didn’t account for was the fact that the odor had made its way into my ventilation before I got home to clean it all up. I turned on the A/C the next day and got a large dose of stale curry chicken, a smell that is hard to describe. All you need to know is that I could only bear it for about 5 minutes. At least I had some PuroClenz Auto on-hand, and I was driving again within a half hour.

I also can’t complain though. What happened to a close friend of mine was far worse…

Vomit Odor in a Rideshare?

While I only did food deliveries, this friend (whom I will refer to as “J”) was an Uber driver, but strictly did passenger pickups. It goes without saying there is a huge market for ridesharing services for the 2 am crowd leaving the bars and clubs. Well, J had to pick up somebody who had not one, but maybe 5 too many. As you can probably tell, this person lost her dinner in the back seat of J’s SUV.

While he cleaned up what he could late that night, J couldn’t do anything about the odor that became airborne or seeped deep into the upholstery, not to mention the unsanitary matter that goes along with it. Understanding his pain, I gave him some Carpet Solution to soak the carpet and seats in the back, and then had him apply a PuroClenz Ultra once that dried up. J was driving comfortably the very next day! No more rideshare odors for him.

The Solution for Rideshare Odors

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