Don’t Become Nose-Blind

Nasty Gym Bags and Workout Clothes can permeate your car too
Nasty Gym-bag and Workout Clothes Odors can Permeate your Car too….only you might not notice it like other people do….

Workout and Gym Sweat Odors can Permeate your Car…only you might not notice it.

This scenario is something I came across in my own personal life, not at work, so this one will require a little background…

For the past 10 years, one of my primary hobbies is fitness. Outside of frequenting conventional gyms, the biggest occupant of my time is actually martial arts, but not the karate, board-breaking martial arts. I am talking about boxing, kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for sport. Now this is where people start to get the wrong impression…you’re probably imagining me with a Chuck Liddell mohawk and head tattoos. That’s not the case at all; I am more of a hobbyist and enjoy learning new things every day, while staying in shape.

Most of my training went on during summer breaks while still in high school and college. I would really only work part-time jobs or internships, so I had plenty of time to train. The only downside is there was no air conditioning in my gym. This made for a lot of training sessions where I’d walk out looking like I just jumped in a pool. It doesn’t take a scientist to see how easy it is for sweat odor to build up in my car leaving the gym looking like that.


The BIGGEST problem here was not the sweat odor itself, but I had become nose-blind to the smell of my own car after months of driving around. It wasn’t until a friend of mine (who is notorious for never mincing words) got in my car and immediately commented that there was an odd smell. Unsure of what the smell was, I turned my AC up to full blast, and realized that there indeed was a foul odor. Sweat, Gym bag, workout clothes. Ugh.

Removing Sweat Odor Completely

Luckily for me, I have an extensive supply of PuroClenz at my house. I activated a PuroClenz Mini in a 32-ounce bottle, and sprayed down the leather seats. I have seat warmers so the leather has “pores” and wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any spots in the car. I only spent a minute or two doing that before gassing off a PuroClenz Auto. Once I could see the vapors, I turned on my air conditioning so all of the vents could be deodorized.

I picked up that very same friend a couple of days later and he thought I got my car fully detailed!

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This products recommended for this type of job are the Automobile Standard Application for the gas-off (fogging) and the PuroClenz Mini Auto for the spraying application.