Germs and Bacteria in Rental Cars and Used Vehicles….ugh

Remove Mold, Germs, Bacteria and Allergens from your Rental Cars and Used Vehicles

Think Your Rental is Clean? Think Again…

The American Rental Car Association claims cleanliness is a top priority in their industry. Many people don’t realize how much Germs and Bacteria are still present in Rental Cars and Used Vehicles. Companies spend a lot of time and money cleaning and detailing inventory, but they are still packed with germs. In some cases a rental car or used vehicle contain more bacteria than public restrooms.

Think about it…hundreds of people all use the same rental car and leave behind tons of thriving bacteria. Rental companies try to clean or detail their vehicles, but are so concerned with putting the next person in that vehicle, that they never truly get cleaned thoroughly. Not only that, child rental seats tested positive for sewage contamination. The beloved Mini-van in particular was a mobile Petri dish of parasites. These same tests have also found human bacteroides, which can only be present in the interior of a car via vomit or fecal matter!

Germs in Used Vehicles

Disgusting right? Well Pre-owned vehicles are much like rental cars. Bacteria and odors accumulate from the previous driver and their passengers over the course of years. Cup holders, radio knobs and buttons are some of the most contaminated surfaces. Here’s the disturbing truth: cleaning/detailing the cars interior does vary little to solve this problem, and does absolutely nothing to address the most serious source of bacterial and odor problems, that lurk inside your car’s air vents and circulation system. Turn on the AC, the defroster, or heater and you’re unknowingly blasting bacteria and mold spores at yourself.

Don’t panic! There is a solution for these nasty problems. We developed the PuroClenz Standard Application and the PuroClenz Ultra Application for these exact issues. Not only will PuroClenz eliminate any detectable odor, but it will also destroy all bacterial content, mold, mildew spores, and allergens leaving you with a truly clean and odor free vehicle. Buying a used vehicle is usually a wise choice, but there is nothing smart about driving your loved ones around in a car that could potentially be hazardous to their health.

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This products recommended for this type of job are the standad Automobile Standard Application and the PuroClenz Ultra Application