Odor Horror Stories – Removing the Smell of a Dead Body

Dead Body Smell and Odors

It’s morbid, but true

Although Halloween is 10 months away, I still want to share a horror story with you all…about the odor from a dead body.

A realtor that had used us before recently reached out to us. He told me about at a property of his in dire need of some help from PuroClenz. A man passed away in his sleep on the second floor of a building. He wasn’t discovered until the odor started seeping into the unit below. At that point another tenant brought it to the realtor’s attention.

I’ve eliminated the odors left behind by the deceased and I thought I was ready for this one…

I entered the property with my respirator on thinking I could avoid the odor. The smell was so strong it cut right through my respirator, which I have never experienced before. I noticed that the man’s belongings were strewn about the room, just piles of miscellaneous items stacked up to my eyeballs. So now we have a smell of a body, in a room of hoarder. This was shaping up to be a challenge.

When I finally mustered up the courage to walk into the bedroom, I saw something straight out of a horror movie: not a dozen, not a hundred, but a couple THOUSAND flies lining the floors, walls, windows, and ceiling (not to mention a healthy supply of mouse droppings on the floor).

How to Kill Thousands of Flies with Puroclenz

I told the realtor that I can still treat the unit for the odor, but the smell may come back as long as the affected belongings, flies, and mouse droppings remain. His cleaning crew tried but couldn’t clean much at all given the amount of flies in the room. So we improvised a game plan…

I would gas-off a PuroClenz Ultra Treatment in each room to get the flies under control. Although it is only just irritating for humans to inhale, it can kill insects. When I came back the next day to check on the place, all of the flies were on the floor. Part 1 was a success. The cleaning crew could haul out his belongings and I could finally get back in to gas-off another Ultra, and use our Stabilized Carpet Solution to soak the areas that were covered by the piles of belongings.

Although I couldn’t get out of there fast enough, I was happy with the fact that we were able to rectify a disastrous situation!

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This products used for this job were the standard PuroClenz Ultra Residential – Single Application Only and PuroClenz Stabilized Carpet Solution